Pond Liners

Posted on 17/Jul/2019

When installing any pond, there are many factors that will influence your choice of liners. Consideration must be given to the size, gradient, capacity, required aesthetic finish, method and time of year the installation is to take place. Stormwater Management offer a wide range of lining systems to create storage ponds for supply only and supply and install.


Our range of lining systems include;

Bentotex® – a Bentonite Clay Liner made up of sodium bentonite clay held together in a sandwich of non-woven and woven geotextiles. When hydrated, unconfined bentonite can swell to 15 times its dry value and can self-heal when punctured making this a fantastic choice for a long-lasting solution which does not require specialist welding.

HDPE – highly recognised by the lining industry as the most durable of impermeable geomembranes, manafactured from prime quality raw materials which give it a very high resistance to stress cracking. HDPE is also extremely resistant to most chemicals, this coupled with its excellent physical properties make it the geomembrane of choice.

LLDPE- As an alternative to our HDPE range of liners, Stormwater also offer a Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) geomembrane. LLDPE Liners provide the client with greater flexibility and elongation compared to that of HDPE, these characteristics are of great benefit to certain applications.

EPDM – EPDM pond liner is the ideal solution for water retention and widely used to line lakes, garden ponds and man-made streams. EPDM is a synthetic rubber with properties very similar to butyl pond liner and has become a leading product for lining garden ponds. This pond liner is seen as the cheaper yet slightly more superior alternative to Butyl pond liner.


Stormwater Management Limited offers a full welding solution in the form of a total package price for supply and installation of a liner.  Stormwater’s installation team are fully qualified and work closely with the sales team ensuring the best possible results for each project. For more information on how Stormwater Management can assist in your project please contact 01455 502222 or visit

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