Simons HS Drainage & Adoptable Sewer System Seminar

Posted on 26/Jul/2019

Stormwater Managements Technical Sales Representative, Simon Wellings, is now offering a range of technical seminars. Simon’s newest seminar is based on the HS Drainage & Adoptable Sewer System.

Stormwater Management Ltd are specialists in the supply and installation of surface water management and sustainable drainage systems. To complement our product solutions, the HS Drainage and Adoptable Sewer System provides excellent alternatives to clay and concrete systems whilst proving technically superior to Polypropylene and Polyethylene pipes. Whether the requirement is for landscaped, hybrid or more engineered drainage systems Stormwater Management Ltd are able to offer a solution.

The aim of the presentation is to introduce the HS Pipes and Fittings, illustrating their advantages over other systems available and demonstrating ease of use – all of which will be informative and useful for you and your colleagues.

The seminar will be around 1 hour long and will take place at your offices over a lunch time. We will provide lunch up to a value of £5.00 per attendee.

If you would like Simon to cover any aspects that are not listed below please let us know prior to your presentation and Simon will prepare this information.

The presentation covers the following:

  • Introduction – Stormwater Management Ltd
  • Supply options
  • Advantages
  • Special Features & Sealing
  • Demarcation Chambers
  • Special Junctions & Couplers


To book your seminar call our office on 01455 502222!

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