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Why Choose Geomembrane Pond Liners?

Posted on 23/Aug/2018

Stormwater Management offer a wide range of lining systems to create storage ponds for various applications, offered as supply only or supply and install.

Geomembranes have proven to be far more effective than traditional products such as concrete and compacted clay. They display a wide range of physical, mechanical and chemical resistance properties protecting our environment and water resources.

One of our main products is our One Piece Pond Liner.

Benefits of One Piece Pond Liner

  • No Specialist Welding
  • Made to the size of your pond which can be up to 1369m2
  • Perfect for smaller applications
  • More flexible than HDPE
  • Superior resistance to cold & heat
  • Barrier to Ozone and UV radiation
  • High elasticity/flexibility even at low temperatures

To find out what Stormwater Management can offer please call 01455 502222.

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