Volume Control

The principle of stormwater volume control is well understood by drainage engineers, however the changing requirements in UK legislation now make it necessary for developers to consider more fully how the system will be maintained into the future, regardless of whether the system is to be ‘adopted’ or not. Any blockage of a drainage system that cannot be removed, that subsequently causes pluvial flooding could have wide reaching implications for the owner.

At Stormwater Management offer a range of accessible and maintainable stormwater storage solutions for infiltration and attenuation:


Elevator is an innovative plastic former system used to create an ‘adoptable’ in-situ cast concrete attenuation and water storage tanks for storm-water management. Its patented design allows engineers and contractors to create an immensely strong concrete vault suitable for a wide array of site ground conditions.

Elevator offers the latest technology in stormwater infiltration and attenuation. The lightweight modular system is designed for use in a variety of applications including distribution parks, car parks, commercial and residential developments. Elevator has been vigorously tested and is suitable for use in landscaped and vehicular trafficked areas.

Manufactured from recyclable plastic, the lightweight material makes Elevator easy to handle and quick to install.

Available in a range of depths up to 2.5m, Elevator can be used in a modular format to form a stormwater storage unit configured to suit the capacity required, soil conditions, and the land area available. With an open internal structure, this innovative design offers completely free access for the inspection and maintenance and removes the potential for silt build up or blockage – a major consideration for the long term functionality of any stormwater storage system.

DRENING® is a modular arched storage chamber for stormwater infiltration or attenuation. . Its open design makes it easy to inspect and maintain, an important consideration if the system is to be adopted.

Manufactured from HDPE it is a robust injection moulded chamber with a storage volume of 310 litres per linear meter. It has a unique nestling design that minimises transport costs, whilst its modular design makes it quick and easy to install.

Geocellular storage systems are a popular method for stormwater infiltration and attenuation in the UK and at Stormwater Management we only offer systems that are BBA approved to ensure peace of mind to the engineer and contractor.

The systems are designed to the best management practice guidelines of CIRIA C680.

Stormwater Management Ltd also provide a range of bespoke flow control units and chambers, including orifice plates, vortex flow control devices and pipe reducers all manufactured to site specific requirements from Grade 304 stainless steel.