Treating our Precious Gift of Water

Posted on 26/Jul/2019


As we enjoy the recent hot weather, (including July which could see the hottest day in the UK ever recorded), it is most evident that we all use and consume more water than usual.  Whether for important hydration, a much needed cuppa, drifting along a canal or spending time relaxing in the sea.

However often and how much we use water in our natural environment, we must make every effort to keep it clean and healthy in order to sustain wildlife and prevent harm to our future environment.  The forecasted thunderstorms, likely to follow the recent high temperatures will bring the inevitability of flash flooding to some areas and whilst we welcome the downpours on our gardens and landscapes, the pollution from surface water is increased.  As part of source control in a sustainable drainage system, what about the treatment of the infiltrated water?  Whether from direct infiltration or attenuation the rainfall is subsequently directed into our waterways and increasing our awareness of water pollutants and their removal is down to each and every one of us.  Water is, by far, the largest commodity we have.  Let us conserve and protect it as we should the global environment for our future generations and do it efficiently and quickly.

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D-Rainclean Channel and D-Rainclean Filter Media is highly efficient in removing pollutants from surface water and has impressive, proven credentials in treating a considerable variety of harmful and toxic materials such as filterable solids (FAB), hydrocarbons including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH’s) and heavy metals.


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