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Posted on 19/Feb/2020



When installing any pond, there are many factors that will influence your choice of liners. When choosing a liner, consideration must be given to the size, gradients, capacity, required aesthetic finish, method and time of year the installation is taking place. Stormwater Management Ltd offers a range of lining solutions which accommodate for all of the above criteria.

One example is when Stormwater Management were approached for the supply and installation of a clay liner which was required for a balancing pond on a housing development site in Braintree, Essex.  The drawing specified a 1v3 slope angle and our Bentotex® 50 Clay Liner was recommended for the project.

The solution

Bentotex® is a high specification geosynthetic clay liner, comprising of high-quality natural sodium bentonite encapsulated between two woven and non-woven needlepunched polypropylene geotextiles.  Bentotex® adopts unique self-seaming overlap technology which does not require any additional treatment of its longitudinal edges.

Bentotex® Geosynthetic Clay Liner

The Bentonite clay gives the Bentotex® Geosynthetic Clay Liner its unique ‘self-healing’ properties. Once the product is hydrated and confined under the required minimum of 300mm cover material; if the product is punctured by an object, Bentotex® seals around it, healing itself. This is one of the main reasons it is specified for a large proportion of public works contracts and landfill applications. Bentotex® is not compromised by root penetration and is ideal for reed beds and wet systems.



  • Water reservoirs, dams and river embankments
  • Liquid waste disposals sites, transfer stations, secondary containment
  • Transport infrastructure
  • Canals
  • Solid waste storage and disposal sites


  • Easy to install
  • Self-healing
  • Excellent slope stability
  • High chemical resistance
  • Excellent climate resistance
  • Resistance to differential settlement


  • Unrolled on smooth and compacted subgrade
  • Subsequent panels lapped 300mm at leading edges




  • Bentotex®is produced in 5m wide x 40m long panels, rolled onto a 100mm internal diameter central core, and protected with a plastic sleeve.
  • Other panel sizes are available on request.



  • Provided the rolls are kept inside their protective plastic sleeves, further on-site protection is not required.

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