Elevator Permanent Plastic Former System

Posted on 30/Jul/2021

Stormwater attenuation tanks are ideal if you’re looking for a bespoke and cost-effective solution to control the flow of water back to a watercourse or drainage system.  They are widely used in applications ranging from Domestic schemes, suitable for private or adoptable networks, to large commercial dwellings.

What is an Attenuation Tank?

Stormwater attenuation tanks provide a storage system for rainwater & surface water. The stored water inside the attenuation tank is released via a flow-control chamber and is either pumped via a pumping chamber or run-off through a gravity stormwater pipe system.

Why use an Attenuation Tank?

This is an alternative to soakaway crates or an elevator.  Where the previous two methods of storm attenuation simply catch water from their surrounding area, a separate tank has the ability to capture water from a very wide area using connected pipes and collect it all together in one huge tank for distribution.

They are generally preferred on larger commercial applications because they can be quicker to install than other stormwater attenuation systems.

How do Attenuation Tanks work?

Attenuation tanks work by collecting the excess rainwater and having a flow-control chamber, this controls the amount of water being pumped out into the drainage system. This reduces the risk of flooding and allows a choice of distribution, and then the pipes can carry the water to various areas – dependent on your needs.

Stormwater Management Ltd’s Elevator is an innovative permanent plastic former system used to create a high load bearing, in-situ concrete attenuation and storage tank for stormwater management.

Elevator is manufactured from a lightweight recyclable plastic making it easy to handle and quick to install, and the modular system can be adapted to suit site requirements allowing any custom configuration to be easily and quickly formed. Elevator creates a high load bearing capacity structure, suitable with minimal cover, which can be installed for use in many landscaped and vehicular trafficked areas.

The open internal structure of Elevator offers completely free and easy access for the inspection and maintenance of the system. The design of the system also removes the potential for silt build up or blockage which could affect the long-term functionality of such a stormwater storage system. Its patented design offers engineers and contractors an alternative and cost-effective way of achieving a strong concrete water storage void with a very high load bearing capacity and therefore suitability for heavily trafficked areas.

  • Provides storage volumes for attenuation of surface water runoff
  • Flexible modular system – allows any custom shape and size to be configured to suit site constraints
  • Cost effective alternative to conventional pre-cast concrete systems
  • Quickly helps to create a high strength reinforced concrete void
  • Open structure allows for easy access and maintenance
  • Suitable for use with minimal / no cover, beneath car parks and under minor roads, and for use by HGV’s
  • Lightweight structure – removes the need for costly lifting equipment
  • PVC columns can be supplied to the required depth

To find out more about Elevator please contact our sales team on 01455 502222.

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