Powerslot HS®

Powerslot HS® is a high strength slotted pipe system that can be utilised in applications that benefit from minimal cover depths, such as permeable driveways. Typically, in areas trafficked by domestic vehicles, Powerslot HS® requires only 350mm of cover.

Pipework can be installed at, or close to, formation level in areas of permeable aggregate, reducing the excavation depths required to accommodate, for example, BS EN-1401 pipework. This in turn can lead to savings in disposal of arisings, importation of aggregates and costs associated with deeper excavation in the ongoing pipe network.

Powerslot HS® pipework is available in a full range of sizes from DN/OD 110 to DN/OD 630

The standard slot size is 2.5mm, but 5mm and 10mm slots are available to order.

Pipework can be slotted in three configurations:

Multi-purpose – slots top only
Partly-drained – slots top and sides
Fully-drained – slots all round

Please contact the team for details of flow rates through the slot options.

The Range

A full range of fittings is available (couplings, bends, junctions, level invert reducers and end caps). To assist with
combatting joint stresses, fittings are manufactured to SDR34.

The incorporation of rodding eyes, catchpits or HS®- Demarcation Chambers allows for full rodding and jetting access for long-term maintenance.

See HS Drainage Pipe brochure for full range of fittings.

The Benefits

Shallower excavation can lead to site-wide benefits and cost savings:

– Less excavation
– Less arisings
– Less imported aggregate
– Simplified lining of formation
– Full maintenance access available
– Shallower ongoing pipe network leads to cost savings and potential H & S benefits
– Can assist where ground conditions are poor (e.g. high water tables, contamination, shallow rock layers)

Powerslot HS® Minimum Cover Requirements (H)

– Car parks/domestic driveways – H=350mm
– Occasional and Full HGV Access – H=500mm*
*Static calculation strongly recommended for full HGV access (ask SWM for details).

Powerslot HS® Aggregate Specification

– Type 3 reduced fines aggregate with 30% void ratio, maximum 40mm grading size (depth varies subject to design requirements)

For further information on Powerslot HS® please contact the team on 01455 502 222

Download the full datasheet here

Download the Powerslot HS® Flyer