HydroChain Stormwater Chambers


Stormwater Management Ltd are official UK suppliers of the HydroChain Stormwater chambers.

Managing surface water run-off is one of the greatest challenges facing site developers and local authorities. Combatting this challenge is essential to meeting environmental regulations and creating sustainable projects.

Using the HydroChain stormwater solution gives designers the tools they need to meet these demands with an easy-to-use underground system that saves time and money.

SWM Hydrochain

The HydroChain Stormwater solution system combines eco-friendly materials with an ultra-durable yet lightweight design that is easy to install and maintain. It also saves on space, since the HydroChain chambers can be used in a two-tier, stacked configuration in many applications.

HydroChain Chambers provide long-term, effective infiltration for commercial, industrial and residential projects. The chambers eco-friendly composite material and design geometry result in a structurally strong product for maximum storage volume with minimal footprint. This material has been used for more than 50 years in multiple applications.

  • Can be used for attenuation and infiltration
  • Manufactured with corrosion resistant impermeable composite material, such as eco-friendly soy based resin



  • One-person installation possible with compact lightweight design
  • Lightweight chamber material reduces shipping costs
  • Chambers are easy to handle and install
  • Large inlet and access ports allow for easy inspection and clean out
  • Sediment sumps expedite cleaning with a hydrovac truck

Hydrochain 2